What is the current budget of the United States? What is the share of healthcare and education in budget? What is the share of national defense/ military? Analyze the result to take a position, and suggest for changes, if any


Your case study this week examines various groups’ responses to the Stamp Act in the 1760s. Again, your case study provides an introduction to the materials and then links to various primary sources. Link to Case Study:...


What was the value of GDP and GDP per capita for Nepal, India, China, and US in 2017? What was the GDP growth rate for Nepal, India, China, and US in 2017? Can you infer a discrete conclusion out of the data?

C06 Week 6 Threaded Discussion

Who should decide (a) how much information should be provided by manufacturers, (b) how good products should be, and (c) how truthful advertisements should be? The government? Manufacturers? Consumer groups? The free market? Explain your views.


Why do you think autobiography is such a popular genre in graphic novels? Is there something about the graphic medium that attracts autobiographers? Is there something about comics creators that makes them want to tell their life stories?


Wk 1: Discuss 1 Remember: You may need to scroll down in order to view and complete this assignment. Discussion Prompt: Brain or Mind Chapter two presents the reality of the physical brain and its interaction with our lives. There are those that believe that the brain...