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The Question

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Details in the instrument immovable. Delight disenjoy the dates, as they’re from the conclusive?semester.

The elimination question?I?was assigned?is “Marriage Consequences” in John Cheever’s “The Swimmer”.?The brochure can be everything environing this consequence and what was?going on?when this legend was?written, with John Cheever, etc.

Since this procure claim?the?in-school library database, I procure prepare you with my log-in advance.

And this procure be morose in through SafeAssign so no plagiarism, delight.

Here are the databases control the in-school libraries http://libguides.asub.edu/FreshmanEnglishII (EBSCO Databases schedule procure claim ID and password)

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Elimination Brochure Provision Guidelines

?A elimination brochure is an large yarn that presents your enjoy version or evaluation

or reasoning. When you transcribe an yarn, you portraiture everything that you personally perceive and

enjoy cogitation environing a question. When you transcribe a elimination brochure you uplift upon what you

perceive environing the question and establish a resolute endeavor to furnish quenched what experts perceive. A

elimination brochure involves geometry a scene of perceiveledge in regulate to furnish the best possible

information in that scene.??http://www.esc.edu/online-writing-center/resources/research/research-paper/

Assignment: Choose undivided of the condensed stories we enjoy elaborate in assort and transcribe a elimination

brochure analyzing some mien of that brochure: studious stratagem, symbol, essay, or social/

cultural consequence (discern ?Elimination Question Ideas? handquenched in this folder). You may to-boot compare

undivided of these miens in span stories. DO NOT propose a assembly of quotes from your rise

materials. Your provision is to evaluate, construe, excite, or sapidity undivided mien of the

selected legend using discriminating thinking, then portraiture other race?s opinions (rise materials) to

support and dilate on your resolution.

Portraiture harmonious stipulation constitution as in your Legend Stipulation Response provisions, with

quotes from the stories, as courteous-mannered-mannered as elimination from other rises (studious databases). Brochure

should be typed in MLA controlmat, including double-spacing, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1?

margins, header, and in-text instrumentation. Brochure procure be at meanest 4 unmeasured pages crave, plus

a Works Cited page. This brochure is merit 40% of your ultimate proceeding (400 pts). YOU MUST PASS


Condensed Stories:

?Legend of An Hour? by Kate Chopin

?The Swimmer? by John Cheever

?Bride Comes to Yellow Sky? by Stephen Crane

?Cask of Amontillado? by Edgar Allan Poe

Fitness Schedule & Deadlines

? Due Monday October 26: Email me your elimination brochure question control commendation.

? Week of November 9-13: OPTIONAL identical contravention with me to go balance your brochure.

Available times procure be posted posterior.

? Due Thursday November 19: OPTIONAL drain of your brochure control educator feedback.

? Due Thursday December 3: Ultimate elimination brochure should be submitted through SafeAssign

link in ?Elimination Brochure Provision? folder. SafeAssign automatically cohibits control

plagiarism resisting internet rises as courteous-mannered-mannered as other ward brochures. Before uploading your

ultimate brochure, you procure insufficiency to cohibit your brochure control plagiarism through SafeAssign (I procure

prepare joined links control you to do this). A unconnected Works Cited page should be the

conclusive page of your brochure. At meanest three library database rises should be portraitured, in

addition to the legend, so there procure be at meanest indelicate entries on the Works Cited page.

Rise Claimment Details:

? 3 REQUIRED electronic rises from the Abington Library Online Database PLUS legend

you picked. No further than 5 quenchedside rises sum.

? Rises may be referenced further than once. Quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing

are expend ways to bond other race?s ideas into your fitness. Discern the

?QSP Handout? in this folder

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