You succeed re-examination twain bringing and accidental scrutiny.  The theme is up to you as hanker as you adopt a peer-reviewed, academic scrutiny interest.  I intimate choosing a theme that is at smallest in the corresponding nativity as your expected yarn theme so that you can initiate viewing what is quenched there.  Consider as-well that bringership is a greater constituent of this program, so your theme should at smallest in segregate accept that as a convergence.  There are no arduous signal counts or page requirements as hanker as you protect the basic guidelines.  You must present first employment, referablewithstanding,  and a essay that avail as a vast percentage of copy/paste to other sources succeed referable be veritable.  (Safe Assign succeed be manifestationd to track/monitor your acquiescence control plagiarism. Submissions with a Safe Assign equality of more than 25% succeed referable be veritable.) You succeed conceive an specimen of a bringing and accidental interest in Blackboard. 
Please manifestation APA controlmatting and comprise the aftercited information:

Introduction/Background:  Provide composition control the scrutiny season.  What led the inventor(s) to transcribe the interest? What disruption concepts were explored? Were there weaknesses in earlier scrutiny that led the inventor to the exoteric fancy or scrutiny topic?
Methodology:  Describe how the axioms was collected and analyzed.  What scrutiny topics or hypotheses were the scrutinyer intricate to explore? What statistical sunderition was manifestationd?
Con-over Findings and Results:  What were the greater findings from the con-over? Were there any limitations?
Conclusions:  Evaluate the season in provisions of opinion, scrutiny methods, decipherability and the implications of the results.  Does the interest bring into aid con-over? Are there contrariant methods you would accept clarified inveterate on what you decipher? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the season in provisions of statistical sunderition and collision? (This is where a vast segregate of the rubric is protected.) 

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