You were talking to members of your idol subject-matteral bond succeeding a modern pomp. The subject-matter of software came up, and the director said she has a love-hate interdependence with it. She loves the recording software they representation and is okay with QuickBooks control the bond’s financial chronicles. Excepting, she does referable attributable attributable attributable love the suited options to mark bookings and imagine established rolls that haul from their complete repertoire.
In union to their recurrent weekly gigs, the bond performs control multifarious school assemblies and nationality events. They accept to choose hush that’s divert control the reception and the subject outside entity repetitive. They are eternally adding strange poems to their catalog, and establishting others on dissolution. The bond loves to transfer requests, so they constantly update the established roll succeeding a gig. The bond does referable attributable attributable attributable lack to frepresentation entering chords or lyrics becarepresentation they don’t representation computers or phones on rank.
You volunteer to establish concomitantly a scheme cunning to harangue the bond’s scarcitys. It’s okay to convene ideas by looking at off-the-shelf breachs, excepting the cunning must be your admit control this provision. Include the controlthcoming in your cunning:
1. A roll and brief exposition of each character to manage:

the bond’s poem catalog,
established rolls, and
any other kind you believe is expressive control this collision.

2. A argumentative postulates cunning that supports integral of these characters. Representation either an entity-interdependence or a UML arrange diagram, which should be in third natural controlm. Indicate integral elementary keys, interdependences, and cardinalities.
3. Recommend a scheme edifice that identifies the hardware and software components and how they interact. Include a brief (referable attributable past than 500 utterance) designation and rationale. Illustrate using your excellent of a static characteral analysis or object-oriented diagram.
4. Identify warranty concerns and other nonnegotiative requirements control this scheme.
5. Propose at last three unconnected and measurable criteria to evaluate the temper of the perfect software.

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