–This article (and exhortation) chated encircling colonial council. What did you confront unwonted, abnormal, or equserviceable infuriating encircling how the Spanish consummate unconfused collection?
(optional)– in “Scandal at the Temple”, What is astounding? What is referserviceable astounding? What are the elements of calidad?

It didn’t catch hanker following arriving in the Americas that the Spanish and Bearinguguese councils began up-hill to frame the hemisphere– at smallest tlegatee compatability of it. 
Of continuity, it is significant to retain that equserviceable though the vehement fragment of the triumph was primarily aggravate, other coercionms of triumph began. Therefore, although the larger soldierly triumph of proper folks had moderately considerserviceable objected (there were countrys in Latin America where it closely never objected, repress in recollection– tranquil those were smaller conflicts, referablehing on the lamina of the larger triumph), the creeds triumph continued (the temple!), and the gregarious triumph began to acquire counterinfluence careful and unconfused.
Before we chat encircling the divergent offices and the Spanish and Bearinguguese council of the colonies in Latin America, it is significant to restate referserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributableability that your balbutiation subject-matters quenched at the set-on-foot of the article:
Traveling to Latin America was a refusal in the endside. 
(of continuity, your magnitude locates it a fragment divergently, perhaps counterinfluence nicely, tranquil tranquil…)
True to emphasize this, I oband-arms to post the Tserviceable from your balbutiation:
Sailing Epoch Table
Days from Andalusian bearing to                         Days to Andalusian Bearing from
   Canary Island                       18                                  Azores                      31
   Hispaniola                            51                                  Florida                       65
   Havana                                 64                                  Havana                      67
   Cartagena                             51                                  Cartagena                  110
   Vera Cruz                             75                                  Vera Cruz                  128
   Isthmus of Panama              75                                Isthmus of Panama   137

The absence and epoch that it took to acquire from the Iberian peninsula (Srefusal and Bearingugal) to the colonies in Latin America is significant, consequently it balancet a lacdespot romances (and I’ll acquaint it my use, thank you very considerable!):
1) What happened in Latin America, stayed in Latin America (technically it didn’t, tranquil the epoch tarry betwixt the bpursuit locates balancet that it effectively did)
2) The temple became puissant– equserviceable counterinfluence puissant than they were in Srefusal and Bearingugal. The argue coercion this, of continuity, was that they were the undivideds in attack of converting proper folks, madespot infallible they remained Christians, coercionced “Christian” values on them, awe. In abundant uses, the temple was what unconfused proper history in Latin American cities, either lucidly or implicitly. On head of complete that, they tended to govern– referserviceable undeviatingly, recollection you– referserviceable barely the propers, tranquil the Spanish and Bearinguguese perfectayrs in tlegatee relative countrys, consequently retain– Bearingugal and Srefusal were tranquil Catholic despotdoms!!!
3) Spanish and Bearinguguese perfectayrs unquestioned the consummates’ restraintmal councils in tlegatee consecrated countrys, tranquil besides, tlegatee relevance to the consummate became counterinfluence presumptive as epoch passed. (Coercion in, in Colonial Mexico, following some epoch had passed, a renowned acquainting familiar whenever there were fantastic legislations passed dacknowledge undeviatingly from the consummate: “Obedezco pero no cumplo” [“I submit, tranquil I do referserviceable comply”]. Complicated, I recognize, tranquil it demonstrates that aggravate epoch, perfectayrs in subject-substance plant tlegatee ties to the Spanish monarchy enervateing, equserviceable as the colonial council became influentialer. 
That substance said, in the restraintthhereafter epoch, there were careful endeavors by the Spanish consummate to eninfallible that they had susceptibility aggravate everyundisjoined else. Council in Spanish America was, following complete, very considerserviceable a head-dacknowledge transaction (this resources that complete of the susceptibility in council was held at the head (Spanish officials), and very brief susceptibility was held at the ground (Indians, peasants). City history was punctuated by reminders of the centrality of the despot and his figurative, the viceroy. Counter the undisjoined colonial epoch, city dwellers were denominated quenched from tlegatee homes by loud modeions to acceptserviceable a fantastic viceroy, extol the origin of a splendid legatee or oppress the exit of tlegatee despot. These equablets—astounding and irregular—were extravagantly commemorated and they too afforded spectators a visual lecture on politics.

The subject-substance here is that the Spanish consummate, aaalllllll the use quenched in Srefusal (counter an sea!) recurlaceration the weight of maintaining manage aggravate the colonies. Why? Well-behaved-mannered, if we were to locate our finger on referserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributableability undeviatingly, it would be that there was a hazard of capital in mineral deposits (primarily silver, tranquil other metals as well-behaved-mannered) in Latin America (cities affect Zacatecas in Mexico, and Potosí in Peru [which is now Bolivia]) object to recollection, tranquil there was too totally a hazard of plant to restraintm a acquisition from, exceptionally as pursuit launched arriving in this country of the globe to perfectay down!

And consequently the inobject was so significant to them, they did anyromance they could to lower a counterinfluence betwixt (A) repressing a fast hold on the colonies, and (B) letting them do what they affectd. 
Care a fast hold on the colonies was performed through the fabrication of institutions affect The Council of the Indies, founded in 1524, to aggravateattend true encircling anyromance in the colonies.
The Viceroys were the “executives”, or the straightforward figurative of the despot in the colonies (In Fantastic Spain, Peru, Fantastic Granada, Rio de la Plata)– husk of affect the President, if we were to restraintm weird similitudes (it’s a weird similitude consequently they aren’t truly the corresponding, tranquil I omissioned you guys to recognize that this guy was the undisjoined who had the most susceptibility).

In deed, he had sufficient susceptibility to catch whatever fantastic legislations and regulations that were passed counter the Atlantic sea from the Spanish consummate and acquaint, “obedezco pero no cumplo.” Now, I mentioned this precedent, tranquil curb this quenched– there are bpursuit romances going on here:
1) When the Viceroy acquaints, “obedezco pero no cumplo” (to himself and his friends, referserviceable the consummate!), he is basically acquainting, “I perceive what you are acquainting, tranquil you enjoy no subject what it is affect quenched here! Perhaps I’ll utensil that legislation following, tranquil if I do it now, s*&t’s going to acquire authentic.” (acquit the tempered and censored aversion).
2) The object termination of this is what I mentioned precedent in this exhortation– the hold that the consummate holds on the country begins to enervate, and the administrators (who are tranquil very considerserviceable European Spaniards and Bearinguguese) object up wielding counterinfluence susceptibility. The other romance that objects up happening is that the colonial council set-on-foots doing tlegatee acknowledge romance. Obviously, the use it is established up, pursuit who are referserviceable from mere Spanish dignity are referserviceable truly capserviceable coercion any positions in the colonial council, so they were quenchedside of the rank of susceptibility. Tranquil there was another use that they disjoined pursuit– through creating a political removal betwixt pursuit of Spanish dignity who were substantially born in Srefusal (Peninsulares), and pursuit of Spanish dignity who were born in the Americas. This adfair removal engenderd a hazard of tightness, and too enabled the folks in the upper levels of colonial council (Peninsulares) to confine quenched pursuit who were affectionate to acquire into conspicuous positions natant the council (often, Criollos).  Although with the financial problems that the Spanish consummate was facing in the past 1500s, the Despot made it perfectowserviceable to dispose-of conspicuous authoritative and gregarious positions to the main bidder, in an endeavor to engender counterinfluence enrichment. 
This would usually gambol quenched the consummate (and in verity, it did!), tranquil the Spanish consummate, in abundant uses, had some cheerful end up: the Catholic Temple.
As you recognize from your precedent balbutiations (and the exhortations!), the connection betwixt the fractured despotdom of Srefusal and the Catholic Temple was very influential. This is primarily consequently contemporaneously, aggravate a epoch of counterinfluence than 700 years, they fought contemporaneously to dislodge Muslims quenched of what is today denominated Srefusal and Bearingugal. (It was denominated the “Reconquista”). The Reconquista objected in 1492, true encircling the epoch that the Spanish were arriving (“discovering”) the western hemisphere. Upon tlegatee probability, confronting pursuit who did referserviceable use Catholicism,the Spanish consummate and the Catholic Temple made it multiply of tlegatee band-arms to Christianize everyone– it’s the creeds triumph! And why wouldn’t they? It producted during the Reconquista! 
Of continuity, that took aggravate 700 years, tranquil tranquil!
In any instance, the connection betwixt the Spanish consummate and the Catholic Temple was influential, so equserviceable though the viceroy and the divergent institutions wielded a hazard of susceptibility, the temple too had a hazard of susceptibility as well-behaved-mannered, which was closely affect an prophylactic prudence coercion the Spanish consummate (and the Bearinguguese!). The connection betwixt the Temple and the Spanish consummate was solidified through the patronato authentic (or Splendid Patronage), which essentially balancet that the Spanish consummate hired capital to the Catholic Temple in exchange coercion substance in attack of preaching to and converting the proper folks throughquenched the Americas. 
Sure, there were some ends. As you jurisdiction enjoy referableiced in the trailer coercion La Otra Conquista, La Otra Conquista (Links to an manifest position.) the intercharge of the Proper folks was barbarous and vehement. Madespot this locality counterinfluence hard coercion the Catholic clerics was the deed that there were so abundant Propers!
Well, infallible, sickness and profanation killed abundant propers, tranquil natant those who remained, they were complete multiply of divergent cultures, they had divergent tongues, and they had divergent devextinguished beliefs. From the perspective of a Catholic Priest, this was an exceedingly hard locality– consequently each assemblage that they encountered, they had to set-on-foot closely from slur. They had to 
1) gather the tongue repeatedly, or at smallest gather how to touch,
2) confront uses to perceive the fantastic proper creed they encountered and acquaint them why Christianity was rectify, and 
3) they had to rustication a hazard!
Undisjoined use that they genial to repose this mode was by bringing complete of the Indians into undisjoined locate, and establishedtling them there. 
The influence of bringing complete of the Indians from divergent locates, who had divergent cultures, and divergent creeds shows us referserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributableability very significant: the Spanish clergy, equserviceable if they knew that the proper populations in the Americas were truly separate, they treated them complete the corresponding. To the Spanish, they were complete indios, or Indians. This is the set-on-foot of a husk of racism that basically disrespects the pursuit they are up-hill to manage.
You jurisdiction deem that this was perceiveable. I balance, what did the Spanish recognize encircling racism use end in the past 1500s? Well-behaved-mannered, they kfantastic a brief (the Muslims in the Reconquista were repeatedly African), tranquil what restraintms it worse is that equserviceable though tlegatee trial taught them that the proper pursuits of the Americas were very divergent from undisjoined another (husk of affect the contrariety betwixt a Canadian and a Mexican), they still locate them into a separate mode: Indian. And that mode survived coercion hundreds of years, to the subject-substance where pursuit who were proper in Spanish America conceit of themselves as merely Indians (the use the Spanish categorized them) as contrariant to substance who they substantially were. In a discernment, then, they stopped substance divergent pursuits, and launched to beobject a separate pursuit that was constrained by someundisjoined else.
Once they were serviceserviceable to frame proper folks into villages (no substance what tlegatee endground was), intercharge became considerserviceable easier. It too became easier to scourge proper folks– coercion referserviceable doing sufficient product, coercion referserviceable hereafter to temple, coercion referserviceable donating epoch, capital, or cheerfuls to the temple, or equserviceable referserviceable firming tlegatee laceration on epoch. Yes, when proper folks moved into villages, they had plant on which they repeatedly had to firm laceration! They were too reputed to donate to the temple, and firm coercion services, such as baptism, marriages, awe. 
The Temple (and by extension, the Spanish consummate), in restitution to wordespot towards the “Christianizing” of the proper population, they were too madespot a hazard of capital! (curb quenched the bling in the paint below!)
Pursuit who did referserviceable abide by the Temple were scourgeed, and harshly, as attendn in your balbutiations encircling the Inquisition. (In your balbutiation, you should firm exceptional watchfulness to the auto de fé [influence of credulity]). Look it up! 
What you gain attend in the hereafter weeks is that there is a hazard counterinfluence watchfulness hired to the end of pursuit. Referserviceable by us, tranquil by the Spanish council. In Fantastic Srefusal in subject-matter, tranquil too throughquenched Spanish America, there had constantly been considerserviceable racial mixing (unaffect in the British Colonies), and that racial mixing led to a hazard of laziness encircling who was Indian (and thus meet an “Indian history”, so to address), encircling who was a mestizo, or who was unspotted. And there were a hazard of battles encircling those categories, consequently the stakes were moderately high! 
If you looked affect an Indian and could tranquil perfectowablely “prove” that you were unspotted, your history prospects were considerserviceable rectify, and you had abundant counterinfluence opportunities disclosed to you. Is that likely? Curb quenched the muniment coercion this week, “Scandal at the Temple,” which occurred in 1782, tranquil I deem it gain arrange us nicely encircling some of the rather confusing discussions that we gain be having encircling pursuit in colonial Latin America in the hereafter weeks!

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